Tips for maintaining your car air-conditioning system!

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Summer is here! The warmer days are undoubtedly the most enjoyable for both routine and leisure drives. However, without a well-maintained air conditioning (AC) system, life at the wheel can turn out to be quite hellish. A well-regulated temperature not only brings comfort but also contributes to ensuring safer driving. It is therefore indispensable to ensure its proper maintenance at all times.

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A car’s AC system is actually a combination of components including a blower fan, a thermostat and a heater core which is usually located in a difficult to reach area under the dashboard. It can take days to repair if minor issues like checking hoses and belts are not immediately addressed.

Preventative maintenance keeps the AC system working at optimum capacity. It helps to conserve energy. Regular AC checkups include thorough cleaning of blades, cooling coils, and other components. This maximises energy efficiency, which saves you money on fuel.

Regular maintenance also ensures proper refrigerant and lubrication levels, which reduces the risk of premature compressor failure. Also, the most common AC system problems involve minor issues like blockages or leaks, which are much easier to deal with if caught early during regular maintenance.

Always remember that your AC system will not yield optimal results without proper and regular inspection. You should at no cost ignore the warning signs if you want to avoid unnecessary expensive repairs. Through regular inspection, worn out and defective components can easily be identified and replaced on time.

It is important to know that your car AC works much better when you’re actually driving because the faster the engine turns, the faster the AC compressor runs, which lets the system cool more effectively. Don’t waste time and fuel by letting your car run before you drive.

When you start driving, turn on the air conditioner and open all the windows for 10 to 20 seconds. Even on the hottest days, the air inside the car will be much hotter than the outside air. You might think you’re wasting the cooling from the air conditioner. But it will take that long for the AC to start cooling, so you’ll actually be helping it cool the interior.

Drive cool and drive safe!