Vehicle Insurance

Life behind the wheel can be an adventure and yet it’s also a necessity.

Your car takes you to work, your kids to school, and the family to friends. So you can’t afford to take the risk of a breakdown, a break-in or an accident.

SWAN Car Insurance keeps you moving even when your car can’t. Our car insurance plans keep you on the road when your car is in an accident, has been stolen, or broken into. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs, providing cover that suits your lifestyle.

Quantum Insurance makes it easier with a fast, instant and secure online quote that will help you choose from our car insurance plans and from our extensive selection of extras as you go.

You can compare cover options and customize coverage to match your exact needs.

Now sit back, relax and get your quote!

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L’assurance pour votre véhicule est primordiale. C’est pourquoi Mauritius Union vous offre 3 différentes couvertures au choix en fonction de votre budget.

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