Smart tips for motorcycle riders

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For those seeking the thrills and spills of an on-road adrenaline rush, speeding a motorcycle is often second to none. However, above everything else, it is imperative for bikers – beginners and amateurs alike – to have a firm grip on the nuts and bolts of driving skills. The surest way to emerge as a perfect biker is to get back to basics. Driving a motorcycle is much more than just speeding – it is about mastering the basic methods, correct techniques and sound practices.

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First, one must make sure that the motorcycle is well maintained and is in good running conditions, especially the brakes, clutch and tyre pressure. It may sound odd, but once the mandatory outfit is donned, adopting the right sitting position is the number one key for efficient driving. Ideally one should sit more towards the front seat with relaxed arms on the handlebars and knees tucked against the fuel tank. 

 Striking the right balance

It is more difficult to control and maintain balance during low speeds than fast ones. It is therefore important to practise slow riding, as much as required, by using the rear brake. while at the same time do as many U-turns as possible. It is this kind of proficiency that makes a fine biker. 

For obvious reasons, a two-wheeler is by far more dangerous to drive. This is why constant vigilance and good practices must always be the order of the day: every shoulder check, right observation, correct mirror use.

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 Avoid autopiloting

Auto-piloting or auto-reflex is always a ready snare for both beginners and intermediate riders. This common undesirable habit invariably gets shunted in the biker’s psyche. It must at all costs be shunned.   

To avoid auto-piloting one needs to be actively conscious of every single operation being undertaken. The best way is to give oneself mental instructions before actually performing the operations. 

 Before bestriding the beast, remember the three golden ‘S’ rules that make a good biker: Style, Smartness and Safety.