How to take care of your windscreen wipers

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Windscreen wipers are usually one of the most overlooked components in car maintenance routines. So much so that when they are looked at, it’s usually because they are malfunctioning. Their job is to maintain the windscreen clear of debris. Nobody wants to be in a situation where you need your wipers but are unable to clean your windscreen. Here are some tips to maintain them.

Give your wiper blades a facelift

The harsh Mauritian sun, the same one that appeals to so many from around the world, and the rubber of the blades of your windscreen wipers, are not on the best of terms. The sun will destroy the rubber and harden it, turning it useless. This will leave streaks along your windscreen which may cause additional issues.

One quick way of dealing with this problem is as follows:

  • Retract the wiper arms

  • Grate the hard exterior of the rubber away with 300 grit sandpaper

  • With a soft cloth, gently apply petroleum jelly/vaseline onto the wiper blades and let it seep into the material for 10 minutes

This should buy your blades some more time.

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Do not put your wipers on when the windscreen is dry

On the surface of your windscreen, there is a quasi-omnipresent layer of dust which will create friction against your wiper blades if you put them on when the windscreen is dry. This is especially harmful considering the fact that most wiper blades contain graphite. The friction will smear it all over the windscreen, making the latter even more corrosive to your wiper blades. If you put them on just to get rid of some debris lying on your windscreen, this is also not a good practice for your windscreen wipers because even mud can do a lot of harm to the blades.

Install silicone wiper blades

If you are willing to spend a little bit more than usual, silicone wiper blades are, by far, the best ones on the market. They can last up to 10 times more than regular rubber wiper blades and will resist extreme sunlight. Friction will still damage silicone wiper blades. However, when silicone gets smeared across your windscreen, it will act as a water repellent, thereby making your windscreen cleaner and the wipers will run more smoothly.

The hardest part of taking care of your windscreen wipers is to keep on maintaining them consistently but if you develop a nice little routine, it should become a habit you do not even have to think about.


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