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What do we insure?

SWAN is the leading provider of insurance covers and financial products in Mauritius. As part of its portfolio, the company provides insurance for various types of private and commercial vehicles. There are four main types of motor cover tailored to provide excellent protection and convenience to customers, be they individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses or corporates. Cover options span from motorcycles all the way up to special type vehicles.

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Why do we need to insure vehicles?

As per the Road Traffic Act of 1962, it is an offense for anyone to use, cause or allow anyone to use a motor vehicle without a valid insurance policy for such vehicle. Road traffic accidents often lead to several inconveniences, unplanned expenses and liabilities. Insurance is therefore an efficient risk transfer mechanism that allows the vehicle owner to pay a small premium in return for cover against loss or damage to the vehicle.

What motor insurance offers do we have?

SWAN offers four basic forms of motor insurance covers. These are Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft, Comprehensive and Motor Traders Insurance.

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What are the main extensions of cover?

Comprehensive cover may be extended to include numerous benefits, which cover inconveniences associated with vehicle misfortunes. Loss of use, personal accident and roadside assistance are some common extensions required by clients.

What is the “Excess”?

An excess is the amount contributed by the insured towards repair or replacement costs of a vehicle after a loss. Excesses are a standard policy component; they help lower insurance premiums by allowing the insured to carry a small fraction of the loss.

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For which value must one insure his vehicle under his Motor Insurance Policy?

The purpose of insurance is to place the insured in the same financial position they occupied immediately before the loss. In order for this important principle of insurance to work effectively, all classes of motor vehicles must be insured for a value equal to the market value. In the event that the sum insured is less than the market value at the time of loss, the insurer will apply average on the amount claimed.


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