Toyota RAV4: 5 alluring aspects

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The all new Toyota RAV4 is here. The fifth generation of this iconic series is ready to win you over…


Utility: back to basics

The pioneer of the SUV segment revisits the essence of this category by attempting to re-define “utility”. RAV4 boasts various power outlets to charge your devices, but also one of the most spacious cabins of its category. Make use of 17.4 litres of storage space to accommodate your favourite trinkets and must-haves. A large trunk adds on to this feature, and can host even more if the back seats are folded in.


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Security: 7 airbags for optimum protection

The new generation does not play around with safety. All passengers are protected by window airbags in case the glass is shattered. For front passengers, double airbags minimise shocks, and side airbags come in as further protection. Finally, a knee airbag prevents serious injuries that could be sustained by the driver.





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Refinement: a new design

The crossover was thought through to be more robust than ever, yet embracing a chic urban aesthetic. This massive vehicle with a geometric silhouette gives off sophistication through subtle details such as a carbon grid, and sleek yet angular head and tail lights. Finally, you get to choose between 8 colours and 6 fabrics for a customised vehicle.





Comfort: stellar, coupled with top stability

The adventurer will go on majestic conquests. A clever design that lowered the powertrain unit, confers upon the vehicle a lower centre of gravity for enhanced stability, especially off-road. This quality is key for even more enjoyable rides for the driver as much as the passengers.



Lexpresscars RAV4 5Dynamism: in all conditions

Intuitive driving is powered by all-wheel drive* pushed to a new level. Three driving modes allow for optimal torque depending on the surface type while the dial-type switch adjusts torque for a secure, sure-footed control of the vehicle, making driving all the more enjoyable.

*on specific model(s)/trim(s)




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