Roadway improvements underway

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Ambitious road projects are set to enhance safety for both pedestrians and cars in Mauritius. Among these, notable projects such as the Terre Rouge Flyover, the upgrade of the M3-A14 corridor at Ebene, and the innovative Grade Separated Junction at Wooton, are leading the transformation.

Terre Rouge roundabout is undergoing a significant overhaul with the construction of a flyover. This project aims to segregate main traffic flows from local access, thereby alleviating congestion. With a contract awarded to General Construction Ltd, the upgraded road infrastructure is set to decrease travel times and operating costs significantly. As of March 2024, progress stands at an encouraging 43%, with an expected completion in August 2024.

Ebene Cybercity has outgrown its existing infrastructure, leading to critical congestion levels, particularly during peak hours. The response from RDA involves a comprehensive upgrade: the construction of an additional flyover and a grade-separated junction to enhance the connectivity within this bustling area. This upgrade will not only facilitate smoother traffic flow on M1 and M3 motorways but also contribute to the economic vitality of the region by improving access and reducing travel times. With Sinohydro Corporation Limited at the helm, the project will include the addition of new lanes and the transformation of the bridge into a partial Cloverleaf Interchange, marked by a substantial investment and a projected timeline of 730 days.

A critical component of the broader traffic management strategy is the construction of the Grade Separated Junction at Wooton. This project aims to streamline traffic flow between the Northbound-Southbound and Southbound-Northbound lanes, thereby reducing congestion and travel time on Motorway M1 and Quartier Militaire Road. As of March 2024, the project has achieved a commendable 75% completion, signalling a near-future where traffic jams become a thing of the past.

Buckle-up for smoother and stress-free rides all around Mauritius thanks to these upcoming road infrastructures !