Innvisio Energy, your trusted partner in EV charging solutions

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In an era where electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining ground, Innvisio Energy resonates as the ideal charging solution when it comes to innovation and reliability.

Renowned for quality, compliance, and exceptional customer service, Innvisio Energy is more than a mere product provider…

Here are 5 reasons why Innvisio Energy stands as a trusted partner in your EV journey!

1. Adheres to international standards for safety and efficiency

Compliant with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, Innvisio Energy’s EV chargers ensure safety and optimal charging efficiency. This commitment to quality provides a seamless experience for EV owners.

2. Helps enhancing battery health for maximum resale value

Understanding the impact of battery health on EV resale value, Innvisio Energy extends beyond sales, offering expert advice on charging practices to maximise battery longevity and maintain vehicle value.

3. A year of growth and customer satisfaction

The past year has been a testament to Innvisio Energy’s dedication to growth and customer satisfaction. Despite facing technical challenges, their skilled team has efficiently resolved issues, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and strengthening their reputation in the EV charging market.

4. A robust after-sales support

Supported by strong ties with EV charger manufacturers, Innvisio Energy’s robust after-sales service provides customers with ongoing support, ensuring a reliable partnership throughout their EV ownership.

5. Tailored charging solutions for every need

Recognising the diverse needs of EV owners, Innvisio Energy has expanded its range to include various charging solutions. From mobile and fast AC EV chargers to comprehensive business solutions, including DC stations,they cater to every budget and requirement, showcasing their adaptability and customer-focused approach.


Opt for quality products, expert guidance, and long-term customer relationships thanks to Innvisio’s holistic approach to EV charging. Its emphasis on safety, battery health, and tailored solutions makes them a trusted ally for EV enthusiasts.

For more information:

Tel: 5852 6193

Address: Royal Road, La Joliette, Petite Rivière