Don’t overlook these issues while buying a second-hand car

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So, you have finally made up your mind! You are going to purchase a second-hand car. While you deserve to be congratulated for this wise decision, you need to be quite circumspect before hitting the road.

Appearances are often deceptive. This can be more so when it comes to a second-hand car about to be sold. Remember that auto-fillers and paints are often used to conceal deeper dents as well as sorely spoiled bodywork. Therefore, refrain from being swayed by the seemingly dashing look of the car. Ideally, it is advisable to be accompanied by a panel-beater who can make a more or less accurate assessment of the exterior state of the vehicle.

Test drive, the absolute must

A test drive is the indispensable litmus test for a second-hand car. The points to be concerned about are specific enough that you can check them one by one during a dynamic test drive lasting just a few minutes. However, here also it is highly recommended to enlist the expertise of a trusted mechanic.

Between ignition and stopping the car, there are some important issues that you may wish to verify while undergoing the test drive. First thing first. Check if the dashboard lights are on when you turn on the ignition key, that the engine starts easily and there is no particular noise when in the stationary mode.

Ensure that the engine runs smoothly when starting, that it does not emit dark smoke which you may see from the rear-view mirror, and the gears shift smoothly.

So far so good? But that’s not all! Ensure that the vehicle brakes correctly when you press the pedal, and the handbrake stops the car when you stop on a slope.

Now you are all set to be the happy owner of a worthy car! Drive safe!