Bridgestone keeps you moving with its Run-Flat Technology (RFT)

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No one wishes to be stranded at the side of the road because of a punctured tyre. Because such a situation can be stressful, not to mention unsafe, Bridgestone’s product team developed the Run-Flat Technology (RFT)… While punctured tyres generally engender loss of steering control, Run-Flat tyres allow continued operation even after losing some or all inflation pressure.

No need to change your tyre in dangerous or uncomfortable conditions! As there is no sudden deflation with these tyres, you have the time to drive to a safer spot to do so, or even head to your mechanic.

What makes Bridgestone Run-Flat Technology unique?

Designed to support your vehicle’s weight on 80km at 80km/h, the Bridgestone’s innovative Nano Pro-Tech™ combined to Bridgestone’s expertise ensure the safety of the driver and the passengers, even when it is completely deflated. Available in the Potenza and Turanza series, the RFT optimises performance during run-flat driving conditions. These characteristics include:

  • Sidewall-reinforcing rubber made from Nano Pro-Tech™ compound formulated to maximize support whilst minimizing heat generation through optimally distributed carbon molecules;
  •  Wide beads, to ensure a secure fit and prevent a tyre separating from your wheel when tyre pressure is lost;
  • Low-heat bead filler to strengthen and minimise heat in the bead area during run-flat driving.

In view of optimising the driver’s comfort and security, a tyre puncture is not abrupt with this technology and hence can get unnoticed. It is therefore important to equip the car with a TPMS device (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) if not already included. This will ensure that any puncture is treated in a timely manner

To benefit from Bridgestone Run-Flat Technology, simply call Bridgestone Service Centres in Phoenix and Port Louis where a team of experts shall happily help you. Bridgestone’s leading Run-Flat Technology is the cutting-edge answer, to help you transition safely from a puncture to a fixed tyre.