Tips to maintain your windscreen

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It is not the right time to go on a ride. But when we do have to take the car for essential reasons in such a time of sanitary crisis, let’s be as safe as possible. You will find below the most effective ways of taking care of your windscreen.

Your windscreen is your first line of defense against anything that flies over the hood of your car. As such, it is the most-exposed component of your car. It logically follows that it should occupy a central part of your maintenance routine. Unfortunately, it is the part of a car that is the most overlooked, because it is the component you look through and not at and also because of how difficult it can be to clean and maintain it. 

Avoid sunlight

Despite the fact that your windscreen was designed to withstand all weather conditions, sunlight in particular can do a lot of harm. It damages the tint in the glass. And if the temperature contrast between the interior and the exterior gets too high, this will create cracks on the surface. By avoiding exposure as much as possible will drastically increase the lifespan of your windscreen.

Avoid Slamming the doors of your car

Slamming the doors of your car causes vibrations that can worsen existing cracks. It also creates a lot of build-up pressure in the vehicle that can damage the windscreen seal, take the glass off the track, and push air into already present cracks, damaging them further.

Change the wipers

When you keep used-up wipers on, the build-up of dust and crud deposit on the surface will form an oily film that causes water to stick to the glass instead of being repelled by it. This film will trap condensation and getting it clean, even for a short period, can be tricky. It can permanently blur out the windscreen. You can avoid this by keeping fresh wipers on but there is a permanent solution to getting rid of the oily film that will prevent it from coming back. 

You can clean the film with a 1:1 mix of rubbing alcohol and water and some effort. Use the mixture with a magic eraser and wipe it dry clean with a microfiber towel. This should work wonders on your windscreen.

Repair all damage immediately

With each crack, bump and other abnormalities, each kilometre your car makes will become quite the achievement  as the vibrations your vehicle makes exacerbate each fissure and can blow them out of proportion – quite literally. You will want to fix them ASAP and, sadly, there is no shortcut around that one.

It can be tricky to care for your windscreen but this does not take away from how vital it is to the integrity of your vehicle. Being the component that prevents all incoming debris from hitting you head-first, making sure it is in tip-top condition should be a priority.


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