Say goodbye to battery failure!

LexpressCars Car Battert Maintenance

Ever had a breakdown down due to a battery failure? That’s a quite common nightmare as a faulty battery is among the three major causes of a car failure.

It is good to remember that a battery’s lifetime is three to four years. Even if the battery is still running after that period, it is recommended to have it replaced as at any moment it may go flat without warning.

Here are a few tips to ensure your battery never lets you down!

 Mind that acid charge

Irrespective of the battery’s age, it is advisable to ensure a regular upkeep. Acid being an essential component of a battery, it is necessary to check its level every six months. While topping up be careful not to allow spillage as this may cause stratification which can damage the battery. 

With time, the electrolyte levels tend to go down. This can be seen when the plates are exposed. Distilled water should be immediately added to the cells with the help of a funnel to avoid overflow. Add just enough to cover the cells and not beyond.

Like in life, cleanliness is the key to a sound battery performance. The corrosion seen on nearby metal is due to dirt. Always ascertain that the battery top and its terminals are dirt-free. An ammonia-based or a baking soda solution is useful for this purpose.  Mop up all excess fluid especially around the ports.

The devil is in idleness

Loose cables are often the cause of poor performance. This is also true for new batteries. It is important that the cables are kept tightly fixed so that they do not sag or move. This will help keep everything in place and well secured.

During each visit to the mechanic, request for a load test to be carried out. Though often overlooked, it is a must-do for a comprehensive battery maintenance. 

A vehicle standing idle for too long has a heavy toll on its battery. When driving is not required, switch on the engine every few days and allow it to run for a while. 

Fully charged with these tips, you’ll never allow your battery to take you for a (nasty) drive anymore!