Opt for waterless car wash and help save the planet!

Mauritius is currently going through a critical drought period; it is now even illegal to waste water, wash cars and even to water plants. Car owners can contribute to save this precious commodity by using no water at all to wash their vehicles.

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Looking for a way to take care of your car without wasting water? Waterless car cleaning is the perfect solution for you. It can be done by using biodegradable, solvent-free, steam products and microfiber fabrics. Based on polymeric compounds, these products – available at most leading supermarkets- are made up of detergent, lubricant and polish, offering a three-in-one action: cleaning, polishing and protecting the vehicle, without using water.

Safe and ecological

These ecological products clean all vehicle surfaces like windows, bodywork, plastics, rims, chrome, etc. You simply have to spray the product on the dirty surface, leave it to act for a few minutes and rub with a microfiber cloth. Once this first step is completed, a second cloth is used to add a touch of shine. Such fabrics are environmentally friendly and can safely be used in your garage or on the street.

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These days, more and more professionals are offering waterless car cleaning at car wash stations.  Some even offer personalised services at major carparks and other public places.

It is good to know that 10 times more water is used during a conventional home car wash than at a car wash centre. In some stations, the water is recovered and recycled, hence providing an ecological solution while at the same time avoiding the spilling of toxic substances in your garage or yard.

Now that you know how to refrain from wasting water, always go for a waterless car wash and contribute towards saving the Planet!