Getting the right spare parts for your car

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Every car owner will occasionally be asked to replace faulty parts in their vehicle in order to ensure better driving conditions and greater fuel efficiency. Buying new spare parts for your car is often a challenging task, especially if you are a new car owner. We can help you avoid wasting a huge amount of money or buying the wrong auto parts! Here are some tips…

 Be clear with what you need

You must first ensure you really need the parts you have been asked to replace. It is advisable to seek a second opinion from alternative service providers or from experienced car mechanics and owners whom you can trust. 

You may also refer to your car manual, if you have any, to know the exact parts needed for replacement.

Do proper research

Do some research to see whether alternatives from other reputed brands are available and compare the price difference.  Ensure the parts are properly compatible with your vehicle.

Remember that genuine auto parts are always more reliable.

 Shop in person

Some classic and hybrid vehicles have parts that are rare to find. It is advisable to shop in person so that you can inspect the parts to ensure their quality. 

 Some auto parts are unique to certain engines and transmission combinations. So it is best to be extra careful to avoid wasting your money.

 Reconfirm before final purchase

Before you finalise your purchase, do not forget to call the auto repair company or your mechanic to confirm with them the specific reference number of the spare part.


Always ensure that the auto parts you are purchasing have a warranty. Spare parts can have factory defects or can have problems shortly after installation. With a warranty, you will be able to get a free replacement.