Get your car back on the road: Tips from Bridgestone

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With the COVID-19 sanitary crisis, several countries, including Mauritius, have been under partial or full lockdown. As we are now taking gradual steps to active life again, we all need to respect sanitary measures and check our vehicle. Our partner Bridgestone is here to help with a a few key steps to get your car up to speed again. 

Visual inspection: Check the tyres for any damage or penetration. Remove any foreign objects and do the necessary repairs by removing the tyre from the wheel. Make sure that all valves are fitted with high-pressure valve-caps.

Flat spot condition: Due to long time parking of vehicles and some of them in loaded condition, there may be a temporary issue of ‘flat spot’ on tyres. One should not be alarmed; all one needs to do is to increase tyre pressure by 10-20Psi. The vibration and noise due to flat spot is temporary and will disappear on running of 50-100 km.

Tyre pressure maintenance: Check the tyre pressure regularly, at least once in 28 days, but specially before you head out with your car. If found short of recommended pressure, top up the air. Check within 24 hours for retention of air pressure. If pressure is dropping fast, make sure to demount tyres and check for damages. Attend the necessary repair and mount the tyre back on the vehicle.

People: It is imperative that you are properly informed about hygiene and have all necessary personal protection equipment like masks gloves and hand sanitizers at hand. Make sure the cabin of your vehicle is sanitized at regular intervals. 



You can contact our partner Bridgestone, if you need tyre replacements, repairs or checks:

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