Details. by Signature is a branch of Signature Cars Ltd which is specialized in High-end Detailing & Paint protection services (e.g. ceramic coating, waxing and sealants). At Details. by Signature, attention to detail is a prerogative. The team of detailers strives towards achieving perfection in the most intricate areas and believes that “details” are what separates the best from the rest.


Details. by Signature is a premium detailing studio providing the best automotive services that can be offered. Using the finest products, the team is relentlessly experimenting and developing optimum combinations, methodologies and techniques towards achieving a flawless finish. To ensure such high standards, training in Germany, UK, U.S.A, Singapore and Dubai has helped ensuring maximum exposure to different techniques and methodologies.

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Details. by Signature is a Certified GYEON and Nanolex detailer and is also the official distributor of the following brands in Mauritius: Chemical Guys, Scangrip, Menzerna and DrivePur. An extensive number of products has been tested and sampled before opting for these brands, believed to be the best on the market.

Coming soon: set-up maximum points of sale across the island; build an even larger detailing studio in the near future, and help aspiring Mauritian auto detailers to build and grow their businesses through specific trainings and certifications.

“We are passionate about cars. We are extremely pleased to see that more and more Mauritians are becoming meticulous about the maintenance of their cars”.