Christmas gift ideas for car lovers

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It is often said that the second most loved after one’s kith and kin is the car.

Though some tend to reverse this order! In either case, the best gift that you can offer a car lover this Christmas is an item that would embellish or come in as handy for the vehicle. Here are some ideas that will please spot on.

Bluetooth transmitter

The use of mobile phones while driving is dangerous. Think of offering a Bluetooth transmitter. This helps listening to FM radio stations or music from the phone. In addition, this device also displays incoming call numbers, voltage levels in car battery, volume, FM frequency, and song name. It also supports Siri and Google Assistant for voice control while driving with it connected to your phone.

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Scent diffuser

There is nothing as soothing as being greeted with pleasant scents while stepping in a car. You can choose to offer a conventional car air freshener that will keep your car smelling delicious or a car diffuser to help give the vehicle a sweet whiff.

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Tyre gauge

Most drivers are weary about their tyre pressure. A digital tyre gauge to make checking the tyre pressure easy will definitely be a welcome gift. Its digital display shows the exact reading. It has a simple push button control to turn on and it automatically shuts off after 30 seconds to save the batteries.

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Cordless vacuum 

Every car lover wants a pristinely clean vehicle. Offer a cordless vacuum that instantly clears away all the crumbs, dust, debris and other litter. It features a lightweight, portable design and utilises lithium technology for strong suction and extended run time.

You can also opt for the all-purpose car cleaner that will have the inside of the car looking as good as new.

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