Car insurance made simpler with just one click for a quote, thanks to our partnership with Swan, Quantum and Mauritius UnionWe’re thrilled to bring a new service on LexpressCars. While scrolling through our pages when you are looking for a car, you can now, with one click, request a quote from one of our 3 partners. 

Information on this can be overwhelming. For those who are new to this world, here are some tips on what we need to bear in mind when looking for a car insurance that will best suit our needs.

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Seven simple questions that you should ask when choosing a car insurance:
  • Does the insurance cover damages done to others? If you are involved in a car accident, you might want to make sure that the bodily injuries, and damages to the vehicle of the other person are covered.
  • Does the insurance cover all damages done to your car? Even if you are at fault?
  • Does the insurance cover bodily injuries (yours and your passengers)?
  • Does the insurance cover unpredictable damages done to your car, other than car collision? We all know that in Mauritius, there is always the risk of hitting a stray animal, or that of having an object crashing your windscreen.
  • And what about having one’s car stolen? Vandalised? Destroyed by fire? What happens during car damages during cyclones? Flash floods?
  • Does the insurance cater for breakdowns? Or tolls in case of accident or breakdowns?
  • Does the insurance cater for a rental car for you while your car is being repaired if you are involved in an accident?
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How does it work?

So grab your car on LexpressCars, get a quote with a simple click on our website, and make sure to have the above questions are covered.

More information can be given by our insurance partners on their specific products or for insurance covers in general: