Beat the heat out for a smooth EV summer drive

LexpressCars EV care

Owning an EV requires special care, especially during summertime. Indeed, while all vehicles suffer some form of duress during the hot season, electric ones tend to be more susceptible.

However, this should not spike your stress level, as long as you do what is required. Here are a few tips that will help your EV beat the heat.

Achilles’ heels

The Achilles’ heels of an electric vehicle can turn out to be its lithium batteries if appropriate care and attention are not heeded. This is because these power cells have less driving range than their petrol or diesel counterparts.
As a rule of thumb never charge your EV to 100% as this will cause overheating. Always go up to a maximum of 80% if you want to keep your battery healthy.

Withhold that fast charge

Increased temperatures due to fast charging, combined with outside heat can cause overheating too. So, going slow on charging can be the fastest way forward for longer driving pleasure.

Press that magic button

It is an open secret that AC needs loads of load! More so in EVs. However, these vehicles are specially equipped with a preconditioning device that adjusts the inside temperature to optimal levels without causing undue battery pressure. So, remember to press that magic button during your summer drive.

Fewer applications, more efficiency

Like for your smartphone, the more apps, the hotter the battery grows. Hence during summer, you better close some of those unimportant external applications while driving. This will provide better performance.

Use eco-mode while driving

Remember, the eco-mode is meant to be specially used during hot climates. Do not shy away from it. Besides increasing overall driving proficiency, it limits the amount of power needed for the electronic components and accelerating.

Good practices

Regular tyre pressure check, parking in shaded areas, maintaining smooth acceleration and braking, avoiding hauling excess weight and refraining from over-speeding are some simple life-saving hacks for your EV battery.
You are now all set for a sweatless electric summer drive.