6 mobile apps to keep you moving on Mauritian roads!

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Never before has technology made driving as pleasurably functional as it is today.  This is mainly thanks to the series of apps devised to intelligently assist you into safe, efficient and hassle-free driving. Here is a list of our favourite make-driving-easy free downloadable apps, designed to help you to derive maximum delight at the wheel.

 1. Google Maps

First and foremost is the pioneering Google Maps app, which by now is an inescapable feature on your smartphone. This virtual ‘co-pilot’ makes every destination, in Mauritius and around the world–however remote or complex–, an easy navigable spree. You may use Google Maps to plan your journey ahead and estimate its duration; to find ways of bypassing busy roads such as Port-Louis or Ebene; or to get back on track if you ever get lost!

 2. Traffic Watch

This mobile app, developed by Mauritius Telecom, is another must if you want to have a comfortable drive on the island. Thanks to Traffic Watch, you can access live traffic streams from all major agglomerations like Port-Louis, Beau Bassin, Rose Hill, Phoenix, St-Jean, Quatre Bornes, Belle Rose, Réduit and Curepipe. You can get a clear idea of the real-time situation on the road thanks to the app. The latter furthermore features updated traffic info from the Mauritius Police Force.

3. SWAN SafeDrive

SWAN SafeDrive is a digital and technology-driven solution for safe driving habits. Offered along with the Protect Car insurance, SWAN SafeDrive is a tag that is paired with your car and offers an innovative way to analyse your driving skills and practical tips. The mobile application shows your daily score and the evolution of your driving performance, hence helping you to improve your skills and be safer on the road. In case of an emergency, an instant notification is sent to a SWAN agent for quick assistance!

4. Mauritius Traffic Alert

Designed like a forum for Mauritian drivers, this application notifies users whenever a new alert pops up. Members from the community, present all over the island, constantly updates with valuable information for a smooth journey. You can plan ahead what route to take and enjoy the ride. 

5. Drive by MUA

You can now be rewarded for driving safely, thanks to the mobile application Drive by MUA. The moment you kick-start your engine, this app wakes up to assess your safe driving pattern, your driving impact on the environment and your fuel consumption. While it helps to improve your driving skills and habits, several rewards are set to encourage users to be better. 

 6. Commute App

If you are eco-conscious, or simply tired of driving every single day, carpooling is the solution you need. Commute App by Moka Smart City is a networking app whereby you can link up with drivers having the same itinerary as you, and vice-versa. Free to use and available throughout Mauritius, Commute App shall notify you of ridesharing opportunities as per the information you provide.