4 simple steps for your car maintenance during the lockdown

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Like most of us, you are probably stuck at home for several weeks due to national lockdown. And like many of us, this implies that your car or motorbike will remain idle in the garage for a while. To avoid any unpleasant surprises once the Covid-19 crisis is over, there are some things you should be doing for its proper maintenance.

1. Battery

Being one of the most important components of the car, you should ensure its optimal health state. Even when the car is stationary, the battery still consumes some energy to power some of its devices. Make sure to either switch on the car and let the battery run for a while once or twice a week, or disconnect the terminals. If possible, connect it to a maintenance charger when doing so.

Important note: It is not advised to disconnect the battery terminals unless you are sure of how to do it or are consulting the car manual before doing so.


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2. Tires

Fundamental components for your safety while driving, your tires should be properly checked as well. For starters, favour parking your car in the garage rather than outdoors. You should be moving the car from time to time as well–even if it is just a back and forth movement. This helps to change the point of support and avoid deformation. If you have a tire inflator, don’t forget to check the pressure.

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3. Liquids

Ensure that your car has the proper levels of fluids such as the engine oil, brake fluids, water or coolant. For optimum performance, because some fluids may lose their properties if they remain stagnant for too long, you may want to head to a mechanic and replace them together with the filter before getting back on the road once the lockdown is over.

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4. Car exterior

The sun, humidity and even birds droppings can be the worst enemies for your car exterior during this quarantine period. To protect the car paint and plastics from damage, you should consider parking it in a location where it is less exposed to the sun, using sunshades on all windows and the windshield, or a car cover (provided that it is waterproof and breathable).

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