What happens to your vehicle if a servicing is skipped?


Engine oil becomes old, unable to lubricate and protect the vital engine components effectively. Undetected coolant leaks could lead to overheating which can cause engine failure. Air filter can then become clogged which can ultimately
affect the efficiency of the engine. Skipping a servicing can result in severe vehicle damage thus affecting the performance of the engine, torque and decreased fuel economy. A regular vehicle servicing allows the detection of faults or problems on the vehicle and gives it a better value.


Your vehicle’s steering and suspension provide a comfortable and safe ride. Components can become worn over time. If unmaintained, failure can occur. Whilst the vehicle can still be driven, the ride will become bumpy which can cause it to bounce and roll, and as a result, can make it harder to control in an emergency. It is imperative to have the suspension system checked periodically.


Brake pads can wear out causing brake callipers to come into direct contact with the discs. This can cause disc warping and ultimately result in a loss of brake performance.
Without a proper maintenance of the braking components, the driver risks brake failure which could lead to an accident, endangering his life, the passengers and passers-by. A regular inspection of the brakes will ensure their system are operating optimally and prevent the owner to face a cascade of costly repairs.


Modern car electronics monitor vital mechanical components via sensors. Issues are logged via your vehicle’s onboard computer. Special diagnostic equipment is required to read these issues. By skipping a scheduled
service, the driver runs the risk of further damage to these components. As the car ages, electrical connections can come loose, corroded or fatigued. The car may just stop dead without any warning, or worse, some electrical circuit becomes overloaded causing burnout of sensitive electronic parts.

Service at hand

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