Tyre World: Your needs come first

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Created by Marshal Trading Ltd, Tyre World relies on a customised service and unmatched value for money to provide its clients with a constant and diverse product range. Indeed, Tyre World is the exclusive distributor of Westlake/Goodride tyres in Mauritius (the manufacturer, zc-rubber, being the No.1 Tyre company in China and the No.9 in the world), along with well-known brands such as Mirage, Galaxy and Alliance.

Why choose Tyre World?

With a team of dedicated technicians, Tyre World is the place to go for fast, reliable and customer-oriented service. Aiming for customer satisfaction, the company not only offers quality products to its clientele but a rapid and efficient service as well.

Being highly focused on customer needs, providing its clients with a relaxed yet enjoyable experience is very important to Tyre World. Which is why everything from the service, booking to the waiting area have been carefully crafted to ensure you leave with good tyres and an even better mood. A warm welcome and short waiting times are just a few of the advantageous aspects that the team is proud to offer. No effort was spared to create a relaxing waiting area, from hot drinks and wifi to air conditioning. Tyre World also remains easily accessible as it still allows clients to walk in without a prior booking and enjoy the exact same benefits thanks to the numerous efficient staff members.

Among the various decision-making factors when buying tyres, the size and pattern must fit not only your car, but your needs as well. Indeed, the sales team will be glad to guide you through your options. And in order to go the extra mile for your safety? A free tyre rotation is offered every 5,000 km for continuous customer service!

The best and most frequent compliment we get from our clients always concerns the experience and service, and how it goes beyond clichés regarding the promptness and enjoyability of the service. We often hear that we are a place where it is a pleasure to change one’s tyres, even for the ladies. Eric Dalais, Director.

Road safety tips

Tyre pressure is very important, and the valve plays a key part in this setting. Check it as regularly as possible, and change it accordingly.

Wheel alignment is crucial to make your tyres last longer: when the wear is not regular, it is a tell-tale sign that it’s time to get your wheels aligned again.

Be careful of your driving speed at all times, but especially on a wet road.