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Drive safe and why not DriveSmart? SICOM offers smart solutions when it comes to the private car insurance segment and has actually gone the extra mile in providing a more extensive cover than the traditional comprehensive offering that the market offers. Drivers from all backgrounds can take the road safely and smartly, relying on their insurance policy to give them the peace of mind they deserve when they are behind the wheel.

The Offer

DriveSmart is a comprehensive package with additional benefits such as excess waiver (avoiding additional fees in case of accident) and up to 110% of replacement value for brand new vehicles in case of total loss.

Other benefits are:

• Up to Rs 1.0 million payable in case of the death of the policyholder.
• Up to 45 days loss of use cover per year.
• Compensation for loss of keys, loss of personal belongings, damage to the vehicle caused by rodents and damage to the windscreen.
The offer also includes built-in add-ons such as a towing service and a cyclone & flood cover.

Kiran Ancharaz, Manager General Insurance

Kiran Ancharaz - Manager - General Insurance SICOM Insurance LexpressCars


With changing climatic conditions, which now bring regular flash floods and more severe cyclones, we have extended our standard cover to cater for these calamities in our motor insurance. We are altogether dedicated to providing a top-notch product at the best price, with the right after-sale service and in doing so, continue to upgrade the reputation of SICOM.

Upholding SICOM’s unique sense of service

Dedicated to a lifetime commitment, SICOM has designed a series of tailor-made products over the years. Other optional covers include enhanced loss of use and personal accident, which are respectively proposed to high-valued vehicle owners and risk-averse customers.

As for the claims section, which is central to the private car insurance segment and who’s staff is client-facing, every attention has been brought to showcase SICOM’s high standard of customer experience.

Moreover, with the increase in the number of vehicles and accidents on the Mauritian roads, the company is ready to embark on the “Bonus Malus” programme which is being discussed by the authorities to reduce accidents and
make drivers more responsible.


For more information:

Address: SICOM Building, Sir Célicourt Antelme St, Port-Louis

Phone: +230 203 8407