Rebate scheme: relieving news for the automobile industry

LexpressCars Rebate Scheme

In view of the Economic Recovery Programme, the government of Mauritius has decided to renew the rebate scheme, working on several amendments to the Customs Tariff and Excise Regulations. A piece of good news for car dealers, greatly impacted with the lockdown once again.

The financial assistance granted to the automobile industry in 2020, should have ended on the 31st of March of this year… It has been extended till the 30th of June, to the relief of many stakeholders of the industry.

In figures…

Since the 5th of April, several discounts have been enforced on the taxes to pay (excise duty/customs duty). For instance, a 30% deduction will be levied in excise duty for vehicles over 1000 cc. For vehicles under 1000 cc, a 40% levy is granted.  

These measures have been taken to keep the sector afloat… Indeed, despite the lockdown of 2020, the rebate scheme helped car dealers a lot. The number of vehicles registered by the NTLA (National Land Transport Authority) was an interesting one. At the end of December 2020, 600,053 vehicles were registered, as compared to 2019 with 580,629. This 3.3% increase does prove that 2020 has been a relatively good year for many dealers. While 24 877 vehicles were added to the fleet, 5 453 were taken off the road during that year.