Nissan Service Plan

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Nissan service plans are designed to provide the client with the assurance that all scheduled services are in line with manufacture recommendations, at an approved Nissan dealer with only Nissan Genuine Parts fitted by highly qualified service technicians. Save money and have one less thing to worry about with a tailored Nissan Service Plan from ABC Motors Service Workshop.

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Why do you need a service plan?

ABC Motor’s priority is your safety and the continued performance of your vehicle… and it should be yours too! With a Nissan Service plan, your peace of mind comes standard, knowing that the cost of mandatory replacement parts is covered with your service schedule. Not only your vehicle is being exclusively attended to by a reputable Nissan Dealer, but the highest standard of service will also be provided, only using Nissan Genuine Parts.


Tailored to your individual needs, you can choose which plan suits you best and save on the cost of regular servicing through our package pricing at discounted rate. You can select the length of time you would like the plan to run, meaning that you freeze the price of your next services at today’s rates.

What’s included?

Service plans cover all scheduled services as specified in the Owners’ Manual. This includes the replacement of engine oil and oil filter. The plan also includes: the checking of other lubricants (including brake fluid), the checking of serviceable items required to perform the scheduled service, all labour costs involved in the scheduled service

How to book?

To schedule your appointment, call ABC Motors on 206-9926 Port Louis Service Centre or 601-9999 Phoenix Service Centre. For more information, please visit

Key Benefits

  • Purchase a Service Plan at any time
  • You don’t feel the pinch of regular servicing costs
  • Your servicing costs are fixed. No matter how high prices rise in the future due to inflation.
  • Your vehicle’s warranty will never be in jeopardy
  • No hidden costs
  • Up to 40% off on labour and parts