The New Jaguar and Land Rover Experience Centre : Roaring Technology!

Jaguar I-PACE LexpressCars 1

Our team was recently invited to the launch of the Jaguar I-Pace, the first all electric SUV from the brand. Compared to a simple overview of the car, we got to experience the performance of this exceptional vehicle, first hand, at the new EXPERIENCE Centre in Lonehill!

A high-powered ride

Greeted by the friendly personnel of the centre upon arrival, it was only a matter of time before we were set behind the wheels. Following  a quick round up of itinerary and safety procedures, we were ready to try out both the new tracks and the new SUV.

Up first, the Dynamic Handling Platform where an experienced driving instructor explained the key features of I-Pace : 696nms of Instant Torque, Enhanced brake generation and interactive driver display to name a few.

The ride starts with a silent ignition, no raging motor sound, just the light up of an ‘On’ sign on the driver’s dashboard. Track after track, we got to see the performance of the vehicle as it smoothly stops after laying off the accelerator or when it automatically elevates with the adaptive surface response as we cruised into the river.Nothing like a mixture of dynamic and off-track driving to see how the Ipace lives up to its promise of being an all-electric performance SUV with thrilling Jaguar power.

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Showcase of skills

One word truly stood out during the off-road session : Safety. The  Integral Link rear suspension and Advanced double wishbone in the front made what should have been an unsettling bumpy ride, very smooth. At no point in time does the driver feel like the vehicle is slipping or leaning uncomfortably. Stabilising grip and all surface progress control made this part very reassuring especially for inexperienced drivers.

Jaguar I-PACE LexpressCars 2

Beyond getting to test our own skills, we got to see several cars, handled by world-class instructors, go above and beyond on the Dynamic Steering Platform. Seeing high performance cars go on high-speed skidding rounds was a sight to behold.

The whole package

Truly thrilling,  the Jaguar experience centre also offers exhilarating cuisine through its On the Track Restaurant where you can relax and enjoy a meal while gazing on the different platforms. A Personalisation Lounge, where potential buyers can customize their perfect vehicle is also available along with several other amenities inside the building to further boost the experience.

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With great service, efficient instructors and exciting tracks, we became truly aware of what a high-performance SUV can do.

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