A message of reassurance from ABC Motors After Sales

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“We’re here to ensure that our customers have the support they need to get through these challenging times.”

It’s been over a month and even more for some, life and business have come to a screeching halt as the world grapples with the Novel Coronavirus pandemic which has forced people in their homes and out of their workplaces. This has resulted in a major slowdown across industries, including automotive. So far, there isn’t a definitive timeline as to when will the situation go back to normal, the new normal!

Innovation is a founding principle of ABC Motors, and in these challenging times, the company needs to adapt and change its ways of serving customers as quickly as possible in order to continue providing the best service and unique enriching experience. With this in mind, the business is looking at all the opportunities to see how it can react to government and authorities’  devices in the most positive way for their customers. In line with its philosophy “We Care For You”, ABC Motors After Sales has tailor made an extra value-added service by providing a Collection & Delivery Service. Should you need to stay at home or busy at your workplace, a team member picks up and drops off your vehicle at your doorstep. The company hopes that this new way of serving its customers will help in meeting your needs and expectations.

“In these challenging and unprecedented times, we fully support our community to ensure that the health and well-being of our customers and employees remain our main priority. We recognise that in these difficult circumstances, our business still needs delivery of reliable automotive services. We have therefore taken all necessary steps to ensure safety of our customers while delivering our products and services. We call on everyone to adhere to all advices on hygiene both at home and anywhere else. It is our hope that you and your loved ones stay safe.”

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“We have examined how our dealerships usually operated, and rest assured we have implemented cleaning practices to help reduce the spread of germs and other health hazards as recommended by the authorities. Repetitive cleaning and sanitizing of all frequently touched surfaces, proper hand washing, practising social distancing are some of the mandatory practices at ABC Motors.” Shing Lam, AfterSales Marketing, ABC Motors Company Limited

Safety & Control

Temp ABC AfterSales LexpressCarsInfrared Thermometers
Hand-held infrared thermometers have been deployed at all entrances manned by trained personnel to monitor body temperature of all staff and customers for quick isolation should signs of COVID-19 be identified.

hand ABC AfterSales LexpressCarsHand Sanitizers
Hand sanitizers have been positioned at multiple points at the showroom, reception and customer lounges.

wash ABC AfterSales LexpressCarsHand washing zones
Hand washing zones have been set up across the technical areas for use by those going through the workshops.

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Vehicle Cleaning
Frequently touched parts of the vehicle especially door handles, steering wheel and dashboard will be cleaned with non-corrosive sanitizers at designated points of receipt and release of these vehicles.

Informing & Control
Posters have likewise been placed at all commonly frequented areas around the facilities to provide guidance on how to control the pandemic.