Lotus : The era of the Emira is about to begin in Mauritius

LexpressCars Lotus-Emira-Front-3qtr-3 hi-res

Pronounced “E-meer-a” –a word often translated to ‘commander’ or ‘leader’–the all-new Lotus sports car lives up to its name… Coined as the most accomplished Lotus evermade, the mid-engined sports car perfectly embodies the ongoing transformation of the British sports car manufacturer.

Indeed, with a distinctive new design inspired by the Lotus Evija hypercar, the Lotus Emira marks a new era for the brand. With an exotic supercar appeal, the sports car has all the hallmarks that the automotive world expects from a Lotus: crisp sculpted surfaces, technical detailing and  ynamic performance. Efficient aerodynamics has been at the heart of the Lotus brand since the company was founded in 1948. Along with a 2 000 CC turbo petrol engine, the sports car features an aluminium chassis, an aerodynamic silhouette and a majestic rear spoiler towering over sleek headlamps, promising thrilling driving experiences.

LexpressCars Lotus-Emira-Interior-5 hi-res

Marketed by Ruben Racing, the sports car shall come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. It will be available on the island beginning of 2022.