A partner of LexpressCars, Cim Finance offers both finance and operating lease packages to individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and commercial enterprises for their assets financing.

Assets financed

All motor vehicles and related equipment are financed: new vehicles, reconditioned and second-hand ones, new equipment, motorcycles, yachts and boats. The financing process is handled by a dedicated and dynamic team, securing a simple and hassle-free procedure and a fast approval of your file. The added value is an unparalleled expertise which these skilled professionals bring to your business, to find the best solutions for flexible terms and competitive rates.

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Tailored leasing services for all

With a network of over 90 dedicated counters and a chain of over 600 authorised merchants across Mauritius, Cim Finance is a leader on the local market. Its leasing services have been devised to bring tailored solutions to all segments of the population.

Retail/Individual (Employed and self-employed)

Helping you kick-start your plans, the lease period ranges from 36 to 84 months and, in the context of the leasing contract, you become the owner of the asset when you have paid the residual value at the end of the term.

Small and medium enterprises

Cim Finance provides assistance to SMEs through the Leasing Equipment Modernisation Design (LEMS), a special government scheme which helps them acquire and upgrade their production equipment. The Leasing contract lets you use an asset held by a leasing company against repayments scheduled over 36 to 84 months.


To help you upgrade your vehicle fleet and/or modernise your equipment while saving your cash flow for other expenses, the leasing solutions for vehicles and equipment match your needs and boost your financial security. The contracts let you use assets against periodic repayments scheduled over 36 to 84 months.


For more information:

Phone: +230 203 6807

Website: www.cimfinance.mu

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