Most of you are aware that the Harley-Davidson® dealership/ La Belle Mécanique Ltée is now at a brand new location at Belle-Vue and under New Management. After much anticipation of the Mauritian public’s desire to be on the saddle of a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, the company has spent long hours thinking of ways to make them more accessible. Therefore today, Harley Davidson® Mauritius is pleased to introduce its new concept.

FLBR BREAKOUT Harley Davidson Lexpress Cars
The Win – Win Situation

– A fleet of 20 brand new Harley-Davidson® bike to choose from.

– A brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle at 35% less than the original value of the bike.

– 50% down payment for reservation of your chosen bike.

005620_18GAP_SLC_171335 Harley Davidson Lexpress Cars

This concept is tailored specifically to make H-D® bikes more accessible to the Local public. All who love the freedom of two wheels can benefit.

To take advantage of the 35% discount, you’ll need 50% as a down payment to reserve your bike which you’ll acquire in 2 years as of August 2018. During these two years, the bike remains the property of Harley-Davidson® Mauritius/La Belle Mécanique Ltée and will be available in its rental fleet.

While your bike is in its rental fleet, you will have access to it or any available brand new bike of its rental fleet free of charge for 24 hours each month for the duration of the 2 years. In the course of the 2 years, while your bike is in the possession of La Belle Mécanique Ltée – Harley-Davidson Mauritius, you can rest assured that your bike will be regularly serviced with factory-approved methods and equipment. Its technicians are specially trained and use advanced technologies to properly diagnose and maintain your bike.

005731_18GAP_SLC_171335 Harley Davidson Lexpress Cars

Guarantying you that at the delivery of your bike, you will receive it in top-notch condition. Once you acquire your bike, it will be covered for 1 year under factory warranty.

Plus you’ll get 1-year free membership to the Harley Owners Group, the world greatest motorcycle-riding club.

At the end of the 2 years, once you pay the remaining balance, your long awaited for pride and joy will be delivered. The money you proudly invested 2 years ago, you get back on trade.

You are now a proud Harley-Davidson Owner and are ready to enjoy the incredible feeling of freedom you get from behind the handlebars of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle – Screw it let’s ride!

005795_18GAP_SLC_171335 Harley Davidson Lexpress Cars
A mesmerizing Brand-New Harley-Davidson fleet

Discover the Harley-Davidson motorcycle available for reservation as of now by clicking HERE.

You have found the one of your Dream?

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You will get the best deal possible to make you a Proud Owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Believe it, there’s no better feeling than riding on the saddle of these Freedom Machines.