Great tips for your next Mauritian road trip

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With countless scenic and beautiful landscapes in Mauritius, from pristine coasts to lush mountainous panoramas, a little road trip around the island is an absolute must this summer. How to make this journey even more memorable? Here are our tips!

Check everything before heading out

To avoid an impromptu breakdown in the middle of nowhere during your trip, make a thorough check-up of your vehicle. Verify the water level, engine oil level, tire condition, and of course, make sure you have enough gas!  

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Plan the trip

Even though Mauritius is a small island, you can easily get lost if you do not know your way. Plan an itinerary, without forgetting to include stops for lunch breaks and to enjoy the views!

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Stay connected

There are several smartphone applications which you can use to furthermore help you in the planning of your trip… The infamous ‘Google Maps’ is a great example. Make sure your device has an internet connection and is fully charged so that you can post instant pictures and videos on your social media…You’ll need it for music as well!

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Entertainment for your passengers 

If your passengers can easily get bored, especially if they are children, set out some activities to keep them busy. Games, or even movies on an iPad or tablet should do the trick.

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Stay hydrated…

Leaving early in the morning and coming back home late at night? Have some coffee ready in a thermos to keep you going. You may want to grab your favourite energy drink and plenty of water as well.

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… And keep your drinks cool

The hot climate will surely make you and your passengers thirsty. In the trunk or in the backseat of your car, bring along a cooler box to keep your drinks fresh and chilled! 

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