The Electric Vehicle Revolution: a promising ride

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Should you shift to electric vehicles? In a generation where mother Nature is becoming more vulnerable, alternatives to cleaner driving are popping up. Propitious assets, electric cars are not only eco-friendly but offer several side benefits as well…  Here’s an overview.

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A smart choice 

First of many advantages of opting for an electric vehicle is undoubtedly its ability to diminish emissions. Indeed, it is a lesser threat than fossil fuel equivalents to global warming and hence helps in creating a sustainable, greener future.

Another driving motivator is that an electric car requires less maintenance: no exhaust system, no oil changes, no spark plug replacements… Hence, upkeeping your vehicle becomes less problematic and troublesome.

In addition to reducing maintenance expenditures, charging your electric vehicle can be more cost-efficient than fueling a gasoline-powered one. While this may depend on your vehicle capacity and usage frequency, electricity does cost less than fuel.

What are your options?

Prior to any purchase decision, it is important to understand the product. There are several types of electric vehicles with different modus operandi, for instance, the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine), the HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), the MHEV, (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle), the PHEV(Plug-in Hybrids) and the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle).

While not all options are available in Mauritius, the HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) is the most popular one. Sold by several distributors, you may opt for cars like the Jaguar Ipace, the first all-electric SUV, the PHEV Range Rover Vogue and the Range Rover Sport, or other brands like Nissan, Renault, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and even the iconic Tesla.  

Electric cars are increasingly being preferred for their eco-friendly, energy-saving and cost-efficient benefits. Several incentives are being undertaken to encourage this new transportation alternative. For instance, in 2018, Sweden launched its first smart road, charging electric cars on the go. The electric vehicle revolution is underway, and it shows!