In this busy and hectic world, all consumers, including car lovers, face a real issue when it comes to shopping: they have to drive or walk long distances while finding the perfect timing to avoid traffic jams to get from point A to point B.

Are you be planning to buy a car but are short of time? DBB Motors Ltd. provides you with the perfect services to enable and facilitate you to get through this. LexpressCars will tell you everything about it.

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DBB Motors Ltd, created as a family business in 2013, is situated in L’Amitié, Rivière du Rempart which is in the North of the island. The actual 26-year old director, Bavisen Beemadoo took over the business after his studies in Commerce and is now proud of the feat achieved. The dealership which, 5 years back, held only 3 vehicles in stock, now has 45 vehicles (Japanese and European brands). All the vehicles imported are of grade 4, 4.5 and 5 auctioned vehicles, all with attached grade certificates.

For the last 3 consecutive years, the Honda Fit has been their best selling vehicle.

Its moto: Quality over quantity

DBB Motors acts as a one-stop shop that offers several complementary services when it comes to buying a vehicle.

  • Warranty: Since 2017, they offer 2 years on engines, 1 year on gearboxes and 6 months on hybrids on all their vehicles.


  • In-house leasing: Should you be requiring any lease of your choice for the purchase of your vehicle, DBB Motors Ltd works out all your paperwork and sort out all the documents required, thus avoiding all the hassles of this complicated process.


  • Car Insurance: The team also works with an insurance broker who will provide you with insurance quotations from different companies for the customer to choose as well as the broker’s recommendation in the term of price and policy details.


  • Accessories: Most vehicles are fitted with fog lights, alloy wheel, DVD players and all vehicles are equipped with a reverse camera before delivery to the customer.

“We sell quality and not quantity, that’s why we can afford to give two years warranty. The satisfaction level of our customers is our top priority rather than selling a high number of vehicles and having a low customer satisfaction level. We need to keep innovating so as to satisfy the customers’ needs and increase our after-sales service quality.”

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DBB makes the difference: Distance Solutions

Solution # 1:  Although DBB Motors is in the North, its clients are all over the island, and thus it works with several garages around the island to enable and facilitate check-up/servicing in areas they find convenient. This enables a good follow-up of the vehicles and promotes an after-sale communication with the customers.

Solution # 2: One of the main time-saving solutions of DBB Motors is that even if a client calls the showroom for a specific car and is interested in a test drive or a vehicle inspection, but is low on time, a DBB Motors staff member can drive the vehicle to the prospective client for a vehicle inspection and test drive and therefore allowing the company to be more accessible to its clients.

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