Boosting the EV revolution in the Mauritian transport industry

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Now that electric mobility is a reality, the Mauritian automotive industry is expected to undergo a dynamic digital transformation in the industries, utilities, and transportation fields. As a solution provider, Automation & Power Products Ltd (APP) helps in doing just that – be it in Mauritius, Seychelles and Madagascar.

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Tell us more about the EV chargers that are promoted by APP on the market.

APP designs and proposes smarter, reliable and emission-free ABB mobility solutions, from compact, high-quality AC wall boxes to reliable DC fast-charging stations with robust connectivity and innovative on-demand Electric Bus charging systems. ABB is a world-leading brand in electric vehicle infrastructure, offering the full range of charging and electrification solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles. These chargers are locally available through our partners.

How do you perceive the evolution of E-mobility in Mauritius?

It is noteworthy that ABB supports all currently available open charging standards that enable providing charging services to widely available electric vehicles. All chargers can be combined with comprehensive solutions for user authorisation, payment and network connectivity.

Currently, there are more plug-in hybrid cars than fully electrical cars in Mauritius. Local car dealers have confirmed however that this ratio will change and there will be much more fully electrical cars on our road in the coming years. Fully Electrical cars have the advanced feature of being able to be charged with infrastructure DC chargers.

What advice would you give to EV owners?

EV owners should ensure that the charger they are using is safe and equipped with in-built electrical protections such as overcurrent, overvoltage, under-voltage, ground fault and surge protection. The use of wrong chargers was known to have damaged the onboard charger of EV cars in the  ast.

Thanks to ‘Terra AC chargers’, EV owners save time and energy. The chargers will fully charge the battery of a plug-in hybrid car in around 1.2 hours compared to the 6.8 hours of the default charger.

What are the infrastructure chargers that are being promoted by ABB?

In the Infrastructure charger category, ABB manufactures DC chargers that can range from a DC wall box rated 24kW to charging stations rated 50kW or above. In September 2021, ABB launched the world’s fastest electric car charger in the model ‘Terra 360’ a modular charger that can simultaneously charge up to four vehicles with a maximum output of 360 kW. It is capable of fully charging an electric car in 15 minutes and delivers 100km of range in less than 3 minutes.

As well as being the title partner of Formula E, ABB recently received the Global E-mobility leader 2019 Award for its role in supporting the international adoption of sustainable transport solutions. Since 2010 ABB has sold over 460,000 electric vehicle chargers across more than 88 markets; over 21,000 DC fast chargers and 440,000 AC chargers.